While anyone can do basic editing of the articles on this wikispace, only "members/editors" can add new pages, rename old pages or upload files.

Please do not undo the work of others (although feel free to correct spelling mistakes and obvious formatting problems). Make comments or discussion posts if you think more drastic changes are needed.

Please do not put copyrighted material on this wikispace in excess of "free use" limitations. If you see something here that you believe is in violation of copyright, please inform the "owner", sofya at heraldshill dot org


  • Using the search box in the left-hand menu is the best way to navigate.
  • This wiki was organized starting with the categories in the SCA Ordinary and Armorial and in the Compiled Precedents.
  • This means that related things like beasts and tools tend to be lumped together, although some sub-categorization has been done and some items that are particularly popular are getting their own pages.
  • Tagging is of limited use so far, since not all pages have been properly tagged yet. (next project?)
  • There are not a lot of internal links, either. (another project?)

Adding a Page (only editors):

  • Click the + sign next to "Pages and Files" on the upper left hand side menu.
  • Name the page (use the standard terminology of the SCA College of Arms)
  • Select the "names", "armory" or "reference" template as appropriate, and
  • Fill in the information.

To add an image:

  • You have two choices:
    1. upload it to the wiki then place it on the page (only editors) OR
    2. copy the link to an "External Image" on another webpage (anyone can do this).

  • Click the "Insert Images and Files" button on the edit bar (the little picture between the links and the widget/TV button, see right) and follow the directions there.
  • Images will tend to look best if you align them to the right.

A note about Tags:

  • "Tags" are how the wiki will be able to list related articles together on the same page
  • If you add the tag "monster" to your page, then that page will automatically added to the list of "monster" articles on the main Monster page.
  • You don't need to be in full "Edit" mode (or even be signed in) to change tags.
    • In top right corner, click on the "..." button for more options
    • Select "Tags", then select "edit"
    • Type the first 3-4 letters of the tag name
    • Wait a moment for the wiki to bring up the tags that have already used those letters
    • Select the appropriate one
    • If you don't see the one you want, try a different tag - "insect" instead of "arthropod"
    • Tags should probably be more generic rather than more specific - so tag "monster" rather than "dragon", etc.