Various sources for heraldic education and reference...

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Alys's Guide to Picking and Documenting an SCA Name (East Kingdom orientation) -

Laurel Name Articles -
Academy of St. Gabriel "Medieval Names Archive" - (copies required)
Archive of St. Gabriel reports - ("no copy")
Academy of St. Gabriel "working" bibliography -

Database of Medieval Names (from the Medieval Names Archive) -
Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources -

IGI Searches (aka Family Search) - (batches B, C, J, K, M (except M17 and M18), or P are acceptable)

Omniglot On-line Encyclopedia of Writing Systems and Languages -

Armory:Heraldry for Non-Heralds (aka the New Heraldic Primer) -
Laurel Heraldry Articles -
Regional Heraldic Styles - - class by Baron Bruce Draconarius, Batonvert
Pictorial Dictionary of Heraldry (the PicDic) -

Commenting:Commenting Heralds page on the Laurel website:

Glossary of Terms - Letter of Comment:

A letter written by a member of the College of Arms to discuss current submissions and advise the Sovereign(s) of Arms on the acceptability of the names and armory that are being considered. This is usually abbreviated LoC. In kingdoms which have an internal submissions process using internal Letters of Intent, the Letter of Comment written at the Society level for the College of Arms is often termed an External Letter of Comment (abbreviated ELoC or XLoC) and the Letter of Comment written for use within the Kingdom is termed an Internal Letter of Comment (abbreviated ILoC).

Voice Heraldry:King Rene's Book of Tournaments
"The English Medieval Minstrel" by John Southworth.

Kingdom Resources:

East Kingdom Herald University (videos and PDF handouts) -

Modar University:

A Heraldic Primer
Assorted Lessons in SCA Heraldry edited by Jaelle of Armida.
Heraldic Myths§(Information to clear up misconceptions involving SCA heraldry)§compiled by Modar Neznanich
Frequently Asked Questions by Non-Heralds
Frequently Given Answers (That Are Wrong) by Gawain of Miskbridge
Why Register Your SCA Name and Armory? by Modar Neznanich
Choosing a Name & Creating a Personaby Modar Neznanich
Creating a Heraldic Device by Modar Neznanich
Heraldic Terms compiled by Modar Neznanich

Honnesteté Plus Que Tout and Non Scripta Heraldic Education:

Concerning Markers and Heraldry Submissions - information about coloring submissions
Teceangl Marker Report - more information about markers to use for coloring submissions

See also SENA Training Materials.

Non-SCA References:

Fox-Davies' A Complete Guide to Heraldry ( -
Handbook of Heraldry (free e-book) -
Armorial Gold Heraldry Heraldry Learning Links -
Parker's A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry -

Educational Games:

Heraldic Games -
Appleton Studos Books and Games -

Fundamentals of Heraldry Flashcards by Forrest Woodward - (to buy, free printable PDF can be found in the archives of the SCA Heraldry Chat FB group)

Quizlet Flashcards - Anpliça Fiore has created a series of on-line flashcards to assist in learning the terminology of blazon.